Core Features
Premium Marketplace
Connected to major DSP and
SSP. You can generate instant
revenue upon setup.
Video Ad server
Maximize yield with high performance
architecture which delivers near zero latency.
Can integrate with any demand type such as
Prebid, VAST, VPAID and open RTB.
Ad Player &
Content Player
Customizable to your desire,
uPlayer can be used as traditional
outstream ad player or content
player for instream ads.
Auto video content
generator enabler
Improve your audience page view per
visit by promoting your own content
within your own and operate site(s)
on a video form while earning
instream ads revenue.
Header Bidding
Integrate with all major DSP
to optimize your yield.
Real Time
Real time reporting to help
you manage and optimize
your yield.
Customize to your fit
mobile and desktop
  • In Article Outstream Player
  • Slider Outstream Player
  • In Article Content Player
  • Slider Content Player
  • In Article Outstream
  • Floating Outstream
  • In Article Content Player
  • Floating Content Player
Custom made for both
outstream and instream
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